Tokens of Appreciaton



A gift from a friend of The Cure Law Office


A gift from a client.

Queñes De Amor

Pencil Drawing


A pin I received from a friend that has become my trial good luck charm.

Bench Thank You

Happy Valentines Day

Ur Awesome

Driving Roller Skate

A gift from a friend of The Cure Law Office. I do have a 6 foot driving roller skate in my living room but I’m not sure it would outrun the police. Note, my trusty dog/legal assistant who is almost always by my side.

Sarah Cure Rose

Baby Gifts

Perhaps one of the more unique baby gifts I received from a client. He knitted the blanket himself.

Shut the F*ck Up!

A client who liked to talk and talk and talk to police sent me this from prison. It is detailed airbrushing of my words to him almost every single time we saw one another.

Get Well


John Denver

A prison client knows I like John Denver.

Will Keep You Safe

A gift from a client who said this pin will keep me safe.

The Heart and Rose

Snoopy Incarcerated

Shooting Star

Happy Valentines Day

Cross Stitch



Daisy and Minnie