Tokens of Appreciaton

Protection Rosary

A gift from a client in custody who swapped some hair cutting to have this made for me. It is to provide protection.

Paid in Lemon Poppy Seed Cake

A note from my first trial client. She was 90-years-old and desperately needed my help. She paid me in lemon poppy seed cake and I don’t even like lemon poppy seed cake.

Sarah with the Roller Skate

It says “Sarah” with roller skates from one of my favorite clients with a stabbing problem.




A client who knew how much I love Halloween left me this decorated pumpkin.

Toilet Paper Rose

An incarcerated client brought this to court for me – it’s a rose made from toilet paper.

Flowers and Chocolate

Flowers and chocolate for your attorney is ALWAYS a good idea.

Force Reconnaissance Co

A client had a serious case that would have resulted in him not returning to the military which was all he wanted. I fought and fought and fought the issue until he was finally granted a sentence that would allow him back into the military. This special operations capable forces was his goal. One day…

Paper Flowers

Christmas Cards

I get many Christmas cards during the holidays from clients past.

Rose Bush

A client (also a plant lover) who knew I loved roses gave me this miniature rose bush. I planted in my yard and it has flourished.


A dear client and his mother made this beautiful bench for me. It took many months and many hours of work to obtain a dismissal for this deserving client.